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Before beginning the process of wedding dress shopping, it is totally normal to not know what to expect. As stylists at Angelica, we are here to guide you through every step of that process, providing you with the best bridal experience you could ever have dreamed of whilst bringing your wedding dress vision to life. That involves making sure that you feel totally prepared before attending your appointment with us, and that you have everything and everyone you need with you to help you make that all important wedding dress decision. To make life easier (we know wedding planning requires lots of research already!) we’ve decided to create this mini informative guide letting you know what you definitely shouldn’t leave your house without, before you embark on your bridal shopping journey!

Your closest family and friends (maximum of 3 guests!)

We completely appreciate that many brides want to bring as many guests as possible to a bridal appointment, as they of course want to share that magical moment of finding ‘the one’ with their loved ones. However, although it is great to hear what your guests think, too many opinions could potentially be distracting for you as the bride and you may end up feeling overwhelmed as opposed to excited. That’s why, in order to make the most of your Angelica Bridal experience, we recommend bringing three of your closest loved ones with you to make sure that your appointment runs as smoothly as possible. Whether you choose to bring your closest relatives, your maid of honour or a few members of your bridal squad, the most important thing is that you feel confident and supported throughout the process. Many of our brides also come by themselves for their appointment to solely focus on their own thoughts, which of course is perfectly fine too: your dedicated stylist will also be there to give you all of the advice you need, and of course be your hype girl and cheerleader for the day!

Nude, seamless underwear

The dreaded VPL (visible panty line!) is a fear for many brides to be, especially under an ivory gown, however one way to prevent the appearance of this during your bridal appointment is to make sure you are wearing the right underwear. If this is something that you are concerned about when wedding dress shopping, we would recommend wearing nude, seamless underwear, and this is so that you are able to get an accurate representation of how your gown will look on the day. You might prefer to opt for nude shapewear- this is completely up to you. The majority of our gowns are incredibly structured and supportive, therefore wearing a bra isn’t a requirement for trying on and they generally sit better without a bra. However, you will need to wear one for your stylist to be able to take measurements when figuring out your pattern size, so make sure you have a trusty bra, which gives support but isn’t too padded (no sports bras either!).

Inspiration photos

As bridal stylists, we adore looking through a bride’s wedding inspiration photos during a consultation! Whether this is a Pinterest board displaying your dream dresses, your favourite photographs of your wedding venue, or even a detailed mood board (usually the choice favoured by our most creative brides!) all of these things enable us as stylists to bring your unique bridal vision to life. If there is a particular style that you are leaning towards, it will
also be incredibly beneficial for you to have a look at our collections prior to your visit and let us know the styles that have caught your eye. So if you have time before your appointment, have a little scroll on our website (we know there are lots of dresses!) and if you find that there are some styles that are standing out to you, we are more than happy to have these all ready for you for when you arrive. However, if this feels too overwhelming at the moment, please don’t panic! Your stylist will also give you the opportunity to browse through our collections in person, and can also recommend styles for you based on your desired bridal aesthetic, body shape and overall vision. Often the “wildcard” that the stylist selects from the rails actually ends up being “the one”! A few days before your appointment you will receive an email asking a few questions about your wedding, we advise responding to this in advance so you can make the most of your one hour appointment.

An open mind

Many of our brides to be come to us with a very fixed idea of the gown that they desire to wear on their wedding day. Although it is amazing to have narrowed down a style, it is important to remember that this may change slightly as you begin to try the dresses on. For instance, you may have came in searching specifically for an embellished lace gown, but may perhaps end up falling in love with a minimalist satin gown instead. This is totally normal and we see it happen every day, so please don’t worry if this ends up being you! Of course wedding dresses are not something that we wear every day, so naturally we are less familiar with our desired bridal style. That’s why it’s so important to come in with an open mind, and most importantly, to focus on how you feel in the dress in that moment. If it makes you feel confident, amazing and happy, that is all that truly matters.

A family heirloom (if you are planning to wear one!)

This one may not apply to every bride, but if you are planning to incorporate a family heirloom into your bridal ensemble, like a relative’s veil or perhaps a piece of jewellery, we would highly recommend bringing this with you to your appointment. Having the item physically there will make it much easier for you to find the perfect dress to match!

Do I need shoes?

We don’t recommend bringing shoes to your appointment as the dresses are quite long, so for health and safety reasons we suggest standing on the podium. However, we do have some demonstration shoes you are welcome to test out. If you are taller than 5 ft 7, you may want to bring a pair of heels to see how much extra length you require on the gowns (if needed!)

So there you have it, that is everything that we would recommend for you to bring to your appointment with us. We know wedding planning can be an overwhelming process and bridal gown shopping can initially seem daunting, so hopefully this guide has made you feel more prepared for your appointment with us! Have some more questions? That’s absolutely fine: please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 7226 7823 or drop us an email at Our dedicated and friendly team of expert stylists are on hand to make sure you feel fully prepared for your upcoming appointment with us!

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