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Thank you for using our Online Booking System. We are so excited to help you find your perfect gown here at Angelica Bridal. Please note, we have two locations with different sized samples. Please read the below to decide what store will be best suited for you. You will receive an email confirmation after you complete your booking below.

Camden Passage

The samples available to try on at our Camden passage boutique are size 10 to 12 and these can be pinned in or out to work for your figure. The samples in this store are best suited for brides size 14 and under. Please do note that bridal sizes can run smaller than regular high street sizing and fitted gowns can be particularly difficult to try on if the sample size 12 is small for you. We are very happy to chat with you over the phone about what store might be best for you if you are feeling unsure.

Liverpool Rd Curve

Liverpool Rd is our stunning new location dedicated to the bride with a curvier figure. Our samples range from a size 16 to 26 which you can try on so we can order the perfect gown for you. The samples will be best suited for bride size 14 and up.

Sample Sale Appointments

Our ex-display sample sale gowns in size 12 are available to try on at our Camden Passage Boutique. You can book a first appointmnet with is any time for see these gowns, however most of them are not out on display on the shop floor. If you are wanting to try on sample sale gowns please email a list of five gowns before your appointment so we can have these out for your arrival.

Weekday Appointment

Appointments are free of charge on weekdays, Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm. We operate a 3-day Cancellation policy and will need to take card details to secure your appointment time. There is a small charge of £30 if you cancel your appointment less than three days prior or do not attend on the day.

Weekend or Evening Appointment

There is a charge of £30 for evenings and weekends.

Please call 020 7226 7823 or email if the appointment you require is not visible. We will try to find a slot for you.

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