Tailoring Appointments FAQ

Do you have a tailor you can recommend?

We work with an excellent and very experienced tailoring company based across the road from Camden Passage. They operate separately with us and you are welcome to find alternative tailors of your choice.

When will I need to see the tailor?

Standard tailoring service recommends roughly eight weeks before the wedding for your first tailoring appointment.

A quicker turnaround service is also available if you have a shorter timeframe or if you are traveling from afar and require the work to be done quickly. Enquire with the team, they will be happy to help.

Can my family/friends come to my tailor fitting?

Yes, it is helpful to bring along a friend or family to your tailoring appointment. They can learn about getting you dressed in to the gown as well as giving helpful support during the appointment.

Can I go straight to see the tailor for my fitting and pay my final balance there?

Ideally we would prefer for you to see the dress with us at one of our boutiques prior to starting your tailoring. However we understand most brides are super busy so if you are unable to have a separate sign-off appointment at the store the tailoring team will look after you. Then your final balance can be paid over the phone following the fitting and prior to the team starting work on your gown.

How many fittings will be required?

Usually, between 2 to 4 fittings are required to make your gown looking perfect. The tailor will discuss this with you in detail at your pinning session. Express tailoring is possible if you are flying in from overseas, a rush service is available. Please enquire.

What happens at my first fitting appointment?

Your first tailoring appointment is for 1 hour and will be for pinning in the gown and fixing hem length. Your second and third appointment will be for checking those adjustments. If you are having customisations and making Jackets etc, you may require more sessions. You will be asked to check the gown and confirm that you are happy with the gown before the tailor can start work on it.

Do I have to pay for the Tailoring Service?

Tailoring costs will be given to you by the Tailor at your first appointment, and if you are happy with it, you will be asked to sign a form to agree on the cost and list of the works required.

After the final fitting, the tailor will press the gown and bag for you in our Bridal Gown Bag ready to take home. You only pay for your tailoring cost at the end of the tailoring process when you are totally happy.

What do I have to bring to my tailoring appointments?

Most importantly your wedding shoes and wedding undergarments which you will be wearing on your wedding day. This is to ensure the length and the body of your Gown will be fitting perfectly for you. Please ensure to bring these to all your fittings.

I want to lose weight before my wedding…

If you are going to lose weight dramatically, we recommend you to be at your happy wedding weight before your first tailoring appointment when you are being pinned as further tailoring work due to dramatic weight fluctuation could result in additional work for the seamstresses.

Please remember at your first fitting

Please do not wear heavy jewellery whilst try on your gown and no lipstick/foundation or fake tan.

I have questions about the fit of my gown after my first appointment, what do I do?

Please do not hesitate to contact the tailor if you have queries on any aspects of your gown, the tailoring team will be more than happy to book you back in for another look before any work is done. The team has worked on literally thousands of Wedding Gown fittings and personal customisations in the past so don’t be afraid to discuss any queries large or small during the process.

Where and when should I buy my accessories?

As the fitting appointment is for 1 hour and will focus on fitting and pinning of your gown it isn’t advised to try accessories during your fittings. If you wish to try accessories, pick a veil or discuss styling details for your dress we advice you set up a seperate appointment for your friends and family at the store to purchase accessories prior to your fittings. Please note most veils and accessories are made to order and we would advice ordering these three months in advance.

I am getting married abroad, how do I take my dress with me?

We recommend that you do not let your gown out of your sight therefore it is best to take it as a hand carrier. Our Bridal Gown Bag can be carried onboard (it is like a large suit bag with a shoulder strap, but please check with the airline). Alternatively, if it is a lightweight gown, you can purchase our airplane standard hand carrier box for £35. You can use this for the storage of your gown after the wedding too.

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